A request from the heart

Dear ones

The kitten Melek has a big heart and a tremendous will to live. He was found in a gutter with 1 month and half, skinny, paralyzed from his back legs, with flies, with a bullet on his back but full of will to life. He's s true survivor and such a sweetheart.
Who look into his big eyes will never forget him. We want to give him a life with happiness and love therefore we are 'betting' on him.
The surgery will be to remove his right back leg, the one doesn't move and is compromising his left leg, reducing it movements.
We already ordered the wheelchair, which will give him balance and support so he may learn to walk with 3 legs. This wheelchair will cost 300euros and we received only 100euros for it. Still missing 200euros. The cost of the surgery is yet to be known but will be something around 300euros.
This is one of your appeal today...

The other is for Jamba. This poor girl was living on the streets, was push by almost everyone, got pregnant and took a blow in her head which broke the cranium on the right side and destroyed her eye. This eye need to be removed, because is no good and is always infected...

This are the 2 cases we need your help for.
We know we ask your help so many other times but we can not turn our head away to all this animals. So we need your help to continue to support our charity.
Please consider donate and share with your friends.

In the name of board,
Ana Duarte



Friends, Lira used to live in Quinta do Conde (Portugal) and is a new member of Bianca. This girl needs to make an intervention at her right eye. The 1st phase will be the correction of enteropio as it has a chronic inflammation. The eyelid is turned inward. Let's just try to save her eye. The surgery costs € 180.
We appeal to your generosity.
The IBAN of Bianca: PT50003507710001636053029
Through paypal use: biancageral@gmail.com
Thank you very much.


There are reasons to curse right people? Yes, there is.
Who left this living, suffering, sick, very sick, deserve hell.
Sakit weighs 9kg! do you know how many should weigh? 20 !!! That's right, 20kg! Have white gums, or drop of blood ..... just an angel resists this ....
Tomorrow will do the analysis and we will see the result.


Congratulations Bianca!

On this day 14 years ago Bianca Charity was established. Over these years we saved thousands of animals. This kind of work isn't always recognized, but in the end is very rewarding.

THANK YOU to all who support us and believe in our work.

Only those who love them can truly give themselves to this cause.



The animals are the only to be affected!

Dear people
Today we can here to make a special appeal.

This is a very difficult time for us. The donation is decreasing and only we know how hard and energy consuming to find a ways to pay all the bills month after month... There are some people that say we already have many supports and we don't need more, but that is all lies and damage this charity, charity who is trying to grow and find way to give better condition to our animals. But the support is not enough to pay the bills. We put our guts out to feed and care for all this animals and those who have the responsibility to manage the charity doesn't sleep to make this charity work.

The slanders and offenses, as that was resolved last June, in court, as a result of a criminal complaint against the signatory of retraction which is attached (Vera Ramos R) was accused by prosecutors of practice eleven crimes of offense to legal person, provided for and punishable under Article 187, paragraph 1 and 2 point a) of the Criminal Code, and seven crimes defamation provided for and punishable under Article 180 paragraph 1 of the same law with the expected worsening of Article 183 paragraph 1 at the same Code, undermine the welfare and future of our animals. There are 40 new animals every month!!! We now have 300 dogs and 40 cats! Who knows us knows how we struggle every day: are the animals collected in a deplorable state, are the bad adopters to beat us at the door, are returned animals, are the owners of the animals found in going public (and which is administered immediately vaccination and deworming) and do not want to pay this expense (€ 30), are the petty people, malice / envy / evil character, seek to damage our work.

Bianca Charity was several bills to pay: dry food for adult dogs, special gastrointestinal dry food for dogs and cats, starter mousse for puppies and kittens, vet bills and pharmacy bills (medication and vaccination).

Charlot was diagnosed with leishmania. Has to take glucantime for 30 days. Will need 130ml of glucantime, which means 4 boxes (60€).

Kitten  Melek will need physiotherapy to recover his back legs. The price is 450€ for one month treatment. This little angel has a small bullet on his back and his back legs doesn't move, was found in a drain being 'invaded' by fly's...

This month we will need to dewormed all of our animals and this will cost heavily, more than 1000€.

We have almost 40 kittens, with corizia and its absurd the amount of eye drops we have used, gentocil, clorocil, fucitalmic, lisina and antibiotics. Today we sign a pre-dated check to pay 140euros to the pharmacy!!!

Every month we have 2 bills to pay at Castelo Zimbra CRL, each €554,40.
At Hortozimbra every month we buy Catchow Kitten and Libra Puppy, which cost €250.

We can't make miracles... but we want to believe in miracles, like Melek receover.

Please share this appeal, its also an explanation, help us to help our animals!
Thank you!

​Check the blog og our volunteers and find out how you can help by getting yourself a tshirt: http://fazendoanimaisfelizes.blogspot.pt/



Thank you!

In the name of the administration,
Ana Duarte


Kitten Melek - Update

New video of Melek, made today :)

What a sweetheart. We will fight for him, lets help.

Please donate so we may continue our work.

Paypal (biancageral@gmail.com)


Melek - Urgent case

Melek (means Angel) was found in a gutter, for what we think some days, with his back legs paralised.
This little cat dragged himself with distressed, was undernourished, dehydrated, infected eyes, however with good appetite and some energy.
For our surprised, he had larvae of flies inside of his anus. Because he could not defect the fly entered and laid eggs... :( What a horrible image to picture. Poor angel :(

But more surprised was yet to come... He also have gun lead on his loin, luckly was not on his spinal cord.
On the other side, has nothing broken but doesn't move this back legs and have no sensibility whatsoever. We have hope he may regain his mobility because has pulse. So we will not give up on this little survivor. Melek is such a sweetheart. Loves to be on out lap and only wants to be pet. <3 <3 <3 
We only can imagine what he have been through...
Melek needs to recover, lets all of us wish we may recover <3 <3
Viewer discretion is advice! This video may be not advised to sensible viewers :(


Kintana - Update

Kintana made XR today. The situation is bad for her:
1 -Dislocation of both joints, in the lateral direction; 
2 - Arthritis on the right shoulder;
3 - Head of the right femur dislocated....

She is only 4 or 5 years old... and has happened to this angel??? Suffer so much :(

We need support to give her a better life.

Please donate to Bianca Charity. IBAN PT50003507710001636053029 - BIC CGDIPTPL
By paypal donate to biancageral@gmail.com. Thanks



This doggy, Kintana (means Star) was found in a roundabout. She had millions (excuse the exaggeration) of fleas and ticks... when she defecate, left live parasites... she is limping from the all the legs, is undernourished, hungry. Well, a sea of sadness.

Video: https://youtu.be/zzE0TBMgn7E



Kika has leishmaniose. Started today glucantime treatment.
We nee help for this little princess.

Kika has 3,5kg. She was found at Lagoa (Sesimbra, Portugal), without moving... what a shame...
She seems to have leishmaniose, the blood results will tell.
Has really bad era infection and her fur is a mess. She is skinny and weak.



Angely, seems to be abandoned. Full of wounds, her skin was black becasue of fleas feces. She had so many FLEAS!!!! She is a super small baby. An angel with 4 paw




Blue was found in the stress, under the rain. She didn't knew how to protect herself. We guess she never had been on the street. Eventually got pneumonia :(
Now she is recovering at Bianca and is recovering well. She is super sweet.


Porto (update)

Porto, was a beautiful puppy and was never adopted as Paty and Pluma, the sisters. Unfortunately 3 showed hip dysplasia at 7 months. The girls have been operated on one leg needed and awaiting adoption. They are in perfect condition.
Porto was operated one paw, the left, and then possible will be operated to the other leg. He will be perfect :)
We do not have all the money needed, 400€, to pay for his surgery.
We need help! Thanks


Porto needs your help.

Porto is a puppy 1 year old and need to be operated to one of the back legs (left). It is the 1st surgery, because he will need surgery to the other leg. As the sisters Pluma and Paty also have been operated. This surgery is essential to have quality of life, because he was born with dysplasia and have atrophy of the hind limbs ... This is the RX done some days ago. The 1st surgery will cost € 400. We only have € 200!!
We appeal to your donations and to share this appeal. Only this way we can give a good life to this angel, child who is now 1 year old. Thank you!

Menina, now Kelly (update)

We give today news from cat Menina, now Kelly
She is almost 100% recovered :D
We don't have the total amount to pay her operation, so we ask your kind to donate and share this appeal. Thanks!


The cat Menina, lived in the street and was kicked by a car. She needed to remove one back leg...
The operation was today. Now she will have a better life
Bianca need support to pay the veterinary costs, 375€.
We are very glad if you donate even 1€. Bianca bank account details are : PT50003507710001636053029. Also available by paypal through email biancageral@gmail.com. Thanks