10 puppies abandoned !!!

Appeal to human kindness.
Bianca Charity is in need of dog food.
Today 10 large puppies were abandoned in our facilities
It is not COVID-19 that leads to abandonment, it is the lack of common sense, humanism, responsibility, ethics. It is to discard responsibilities for others.
It is to think that a dog / cat has no sensitivity.
Dogs feel more than many humans .... they never abandon their guardians
We inform that they are not yet for adoption until vaccination. The animals are full of ticks, fleas and worms.
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Paypal: biancageral@gmail.com

4 cats rescued ....Need help

Yesterday was a record of coming abandoned cats - 4.
This yellow boy on the boxe is one of them and super sweet , looking for people around.
We need support also for cats.
All need to be tested (for FIV and FELV),vacinated ( 2 doses), dewormed and neutered.
Many need veterinary care
Meawhile they need to eat till be rehomed 


More 4 kittens abandoned

More sad news.
A box with 4 kittens were abandoned at Bianca, yesterday,  about 15h...they could scape from the papper box😢😢 they are so small

Rally and Rocky

So sad see this suffer 😢
Rocky will need a surgery to remove his eye 😢
But he will be so pretty that will conquer several hearts❤️
As also Rally as soon his eyes are ok

3 princess - developments

Our 3 princess in 1 month have a huge diference.
It is a pleasure see how they are great!


We need buckets and pools

We need buckets and pools.

With the heat tightening we need to have containers to supply our dogs with plenty of water and other where they can refresh!

Everything is very welcome 

They got new families!

Today 4 little angles flew to their families. 
After a long wait due to COVID-19 today was the DAY ! 
Be happy sweeties


Little kitten Lia need a surgery

On 22th may  this cute kitten with 6 weeks of life arrived with one eye in a critical situation.

Unfortunately, your little eye will have to be removed once the infection is under control.


Paypal: biancageral@gmail.com
IBAN PT50003507710001636053029

Gena run over

Gena was found run over at Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra
There are several fractures in the basin ......
He is at rest to try to avoid a really complicated surgery.

But if necessary, it will be operated.
 She is a sweetie

Be happy LUZ

Luz, a pug used for "breeding" goes to her new one at last. Perhaps the first one she have, because the one who used and threw her away was not a family. She came from the municipal kennel of Sesimbra with a pyometer, a hernia and chronic gingivitis.
She underwent 4 surgeries. The first was sterilization because of the pyometer and the vet said that Luz had already had several caesarean surgeries. Then she was operated on for the hernia and then twice to remove teeth, now she has very few teeth ...
She continues with gingivitis, and will continue, as it is a chronic condition. Next friday she will travel to Germany.
Be happy Luz 


3 little princess

3 beautiful and lovely princess that were abandoned in Carrasqueira, Sesimbra, now in Bianca Animal Shelter Portugal. They have mange and are in treatment. Medication and baths.
We beleive they will be fine! Your help is very welcome fir this babies

IBAN PT50003507710001636053029

Paypal. biancageral@gmail.com

MBWay: 964423018



Bianca has a new logo

Maria arrived at 25th april woth 3 puppies and still in labor...

And 25th april  another female dog arrived in Bianca shelter with 3 newborn puppies and still in labor ...
Another baby was born in our shelter but sadly dead.
We called her Maria, in honor to Marias saved by the revolution on April 25, 74 and those who suffered under the dictatorship.  You can read here :


We need feed for dogs to breastfeed. The cost depends on the brands. Thanks 


Palmeira bill still not payed

Unfortunaly we still dont have all the support needd to pay Palmeira bill
The vet bill is 350€ and we only have 54€
Please spread this info so we can have the help needed

Continue the urgent sterilizations of female dogs

Today were sterilized more 2 female dogs, Karlota and Sandra
Your generosity has allowed the sterilization of several female dogs
Please do not stop supporting us, just like that it is possible to do them and it is so important
Well there to all who contribute to this noble cause

WE will never forget you Lyndo....

Yesterday we lost our Lyndo. A lovely boy who had been found in in a boar trap, with one of his legs undone ... He was in danger of losing the paw. But thanks to the effort and dedication we managed to save his paw. He was never lucky to have a home ... he always lived in the kennel ... with our love, but he would be much happier in a home where he had the comfort of the warmth in the winter and could have more freedom. Lyndo loved to lie in the sun .... he slept in the sun ❤️❤️ We know we have a huge star in the sky watching what we do and thanking, not only for him but for all his friend in Bianca.
See you again Lyndo. You know you'll never be forgotten❤️❤️


5 puppies in the trash

5 puppies found in the road next to trash content, in Zambujal, Sesimbra. Unfortunately, in addition to abandoning them, people often do it next to the garbage containers, that is as if they were garbage 😪😪😪
They will be medium in size. Leonardo, Marysia, Pablo, Salvador and Picasso
It is needed help with puppy food 😪

Paypal biancageral@gmail.com
IBAN PT50003507710001636053029


Shame...another dog 7 month old abandoned

AND ONE MORE ABANDONED DOG.  A 7 months old female doberman. 

We need puppy food urgently

And another puppy 2 months age abandoned....

Puppy 2 month old abandoned at Bianca shelter by morning. We arrived at 8h and she was there in the cold... Irresponsables and badness. How can people do this ?

Another dog abandoned...a puppy

Once again ..... at 8 am this dog was abandoned in Bianca shelter. With signs of having been on serum, her right front paw is shaved. Do any vets knows her? He was hospitalized surely.