3 more puppies abandoned at our door ADOPTED

On the 17th of July in the evening 3 puppies were abandoned in a box at the gate of Bianca. We closed the kennel and we left. Late evening, one of our voluntaries that lives nearby decided to walk near the kennel. She found them at the door. Fortunately, otherwise by the morning they would have been dead. They were only 3 weeks old, the night was cold and they needed milk. Mum's milk, but they drank from the bowl anyway.

It is easy to leave the "problem" to someone else. Yes, we imagine that whoever abandoned them at our door is not thinking about sterilising his female. He/she probably says - as we hear many times - that it is against nature. And isn't it against nature to abandon the puppies, especially when they still need the mother? Isn't it against nature to increase the number of unwanted animals? These people think that the Association is a "deposit" for such animals and we can just pile them up one on another.

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Anónimo disse...


Que porte irão atingir os pequenotes?


Association Bianca disse...

Ola, desculpe nao vi a tua mensagem! Eles vao estar bastante pequenos. Talvez medios mas nao mais de 10 kg. Se procuras mais grandes, tambem temos cachorros assim no abrigo.
No entretanto, eles foram separados da mae muito pronto. A primeira semana so bebiam leite. Uma morreu..... Os outros sobreviveram e estao muito bom. para no arriscar, levamos-lhes do abrigo, estao na casa duma familia agora para poder cuidar deles melhor mas pronto, numa semana o duas, vao voltar pelo abrigo.

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