Delio - the adoption family put him in the municipal kennel to have him killed !!!!


Last Friday the adoption family of Delio called us to say they put the dog in the municipal kennel to have him killed, because allegedly the dog destroyed their garden... At the same time we were called by the municipal kennel because they read the information on the chip of the dog (as the owner did not present the required chip registration papers), found out that the dog was registered on the name of Bianca Association and called us. The next morning early we were there to take him back.

This dog was adopted at the age of 2 months, on the 2nd of May 2009 and almost 8/9 months later we realize what kind of adoption family they were. Look at the state of the dog. The owner didn't spend even one penny to treat the skin problem.
In the meantime the vet diagnosed sarna (mange), a skin parasite that is easily treatable.

The ex-owner said moreover that he was giving one pill of tranquilisers a day to calm the dog down. WHY???? He is a sweet and scared puppy. We guess that this man is sick, not the dog.

That beast said yet the dog began to bite at the age of 5 months!! What a crazy brain! The dog is calm, scared and sweet, he does not seem to be biting anyone!

We going to get in touch with a lawyer and sue the ex-owner. According to the adoption contract the dogs are suppsoed to be well treated, provided with vet treatment and given back to us if anything happened, not euthanised without our permission.

This is how how he looked when he was adopted:

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lucienne disse...

Poor, poor Delio.. :(
People like that are totally unworthy of having a dog (or any other animal)!