Gina - taking care of 50 dogs by herself

We would like to present you Gina.

Gina is rescuing animals in the street and putting them in a terrain that was leased to her (in Setubal) and trying to treat them and find new homes for them. She is by herself, it is only her and she has nearly 50 dogs.
She treats the sick ones, have the others vaccinated, sterilised, feeds them daily (four big bags of dry food every day) and finds new homes.

Look at her blog, you will find pictures of some animals for adoption and can read about her work:

If you want to adopt or help, you can write to her: osanimaisdagina@gmail.com

Any help is useful. If you want to help financially, this is her account number:

NIB: 0045 5457 4019 1351 7025 6

IBAN: PT50 0045 5457 4019 1351 7025 6

2 comentários:

Lucienne disse...

Wow, she must have a VERY big heart to do this all by herself!

Association Bianca disse...

Believe me, the woman is incredible.