Kelly, a sweet girl (Adopted!)

Kelly was abandoned in Quinta do Conde. She is a young girl, sweet, calm, friendly, but she must have had sufferd very much. She has fungus infection of the skin and is in great suffering.... we can see in her eyes, in her movements, in the way she tell us she is in pain....and in the wounds

If her ex-owners one day see this message, we want to tell them:
"This Planet would be more ecological if beast like you did not live here"

2 comentários:

lucienne disse...

It must be heartbreaking and angry-making for you people to see dogs like Kelly over and over again. :(
At least she is in good hands now....

Association Bianca disse...

Yes it is.... But then it is also very motivating when you can see how they get better under our care. Have you seen Mel? She was like this. And now she is beautiful and soon going to a new home!