The story of Asterix and Obelix

Obelix appeared on the street when a puppy of 5 months. Puppies usually do not survive long alone - they are not "street-wise", most of them die hit a by car or die of hunger. But another dog, an adult who had been living on the street for some time, took care of him. They were always together, Obelix and Asterix. Half a year passed and Obelix grew twice as big as Asterix. We did not have place in the shelter, so one of us gave them food every evening - the only thing we could do. But one day an available kennel was found, so we took them in. Finally safe from the dangers of the street.

The two dogs share a kennel and even if they have two houses, they prefer to sleep in one. They eat from one bowl. They are now both castrated and vaccinated and wait to be rehomed but only together - this excepcional friendship has to be respected.

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