Tristan and Isolda - a story of love and devotion (adopted)

These two gentle dogs, a female cross collie and a male cross boxer were seen for some time on the streets in Quinta do Conde. The female was at some point with heat and followed by many dogs ansd then we started to see her with one dog only. We knew that the most probbaly she was pregnant and we needed to have her sterilised if we did not want puppies being born on the street and ending up in our shelter anyway. She was the priority so we tried to take only her. One of our volunteers went to where she was and tried to put her in the car to take to the vet. You cannot imagine the resistance they put when being separated: they were not agressive to the girl, on the contrary, but they were simply desperate, trying to stick together, running to each other, lying flat on the ground. She finally managed to put Isolda in the car and you cannot imagine Tristan's desperation when left behind - he cried, he run, he howled. And you cannot imagine Isolda's depression when she arrived alone to the vet - she was just lying there, not moving, not reacting to anything. So we went back to get Tristan - and there are no words to describe their happiness when reunited. We understood that they have been together for a very long time, probably were abandoned together and they are absolutely devoted to each other. They walk everywhere together, they sleep next to each other, they constantly look to see where is the other one. At the same time they are nice to other dogs and very gentle with people. This is why we are looking for someone that would like to give home to both of them. They are inseparable.

Tristan has a little wound on his eye that he probably gained from some other dog when Isolda was on the street with heat but the wound is superficial and will soon heal.

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