Socialising animals

Some of our dogs are traumatised and not very social with people (they are not agressive, only scared), so their adoption is going to be difficult. There are some that are simply not adoptable because of that.

However, in case of many of them, they can be socialised: we can teach them to walk on the leash and to have more contact with people. This is a task for which we need volunteers.

We need people to choose an animal and walk it on the leash, mostly inside the shelter and to give it some attention and cuddles so it would realise that humans can be friends. This can help an animal to relax and to become adoptable.
Don't hesitate to visit us and help a chosen dog in that way help. We have Belita, Mupi, Elisa, Madi, Mary, Lucky, Mariana and some others in this situation.

It will be a challenge for the dog and for you. You can help it be reborn! Join us!

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