Historic event: Catalan parliament makes bullfighting illegal!

"It's been a long time coming, but on Wednesday 28  July, Catalonia took a historic step. With 68 votes in favor and 55 against, the Catalan parliament approved a measure that will make bullfighting illegal throughout the region.

The vote, which will make Catalonia the first region in mainland Spain to ban a tradition still referred to as the "national fiesta," was the result of a popular initiative, launched by an association called Prou! (Catalan for Enough!) and first admitted to parliament in November 2008.


There's a lot of satisfaction, a lot of euphoria here," says Prou! spokesman Eric Gallego, who was at the parliament for the vote. "Before, bulls were always an exception to Catalonia's animal-protection laws. At last they'll be protected by them."

See more in TIME, 28 July:

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