This is a happy story about Mito: an account about a dog adopted from Bianca

Mito came to us on a cold winter day in November 2008.

He was very scared, shaky and did not whan to meet us. His tail was down and his eyes had not the flash of a happy dog.

He did not like walking, he did not like eating and when we hugged him, he went biting after us. Most of the time he spent under a table.

When I showed him the leash, he went hiding.

But still he followed us from room to room in the house. He was quiet though and never waved his tail.

Slowly I introduced him to the forest, short walking and he meet my friends' dogs.

He tasted meat, fish, vegetables and chicken.

After a week a took him to the vet for a complete check. And then, I was told his big problem... he had a very painful ear inflammation, so bad that the vet warned me that he might never be healthy again.

He was put on heavy medication and treatment - and after 6 month he became completely healthy - and he has never been sick again!

After his pain was gone, we see a different dog !! He began to love the leash, love the forrest, his tail was up all day long and he loves his family.!

He began playing with my 3 cats and his eyes was like stars - what a difference!

Today he is a happy dog, his is friendly with other dogs he knows, people he knows and lis ooking after his garden in a guardian behavior.

He is a little bit "bossy" when he meets people and dogs he doesnt know, he needs some time to trust them.

He is still afraid of running children of 1 meter high and of Germand Shepherds.

I don`t think this will ever changes and it does not a matter.

He is a playful dog, stealing our socks and carring his toys everywhere.

He is very attached to us and he is going with us wherever we go, if not, he has his own nanny and her dog.

He is a very nice, healthy, beautiful and lovely dog. We are so happy that he came to our family and I know he would agree.

Thank you for Mito, greatings from Vigdis

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