Afonso used to live on the street for three years, like this. He is shy and afraid of people. His long fur was terrible..... At the period when the ticks appear he was covered in them, all nested within his tick and mangled fur..... Now Afonso is in Bianca shelter, he has been shaved, vaccinated, dewormed and chipped.
The first days he was unhappy, which is normal in a new place but now he is much better - he is even playing with his companion from the kennel, Lisa and wags his tail.
He is used to eating leftovers of home cooked food so now he only accepts eating dog canned food but he will get used to dry food that we give to all other dogs with time....
The important thing is that he is young, healthy and very sweet. Now we will socialise him, teach him to trust people and to walk on leash.
More updates on sweet Afonso will come soon (and pictures of him after shaving).

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