Presenting: Haila looking for a home

Haila is a little girl born in February 2008. So now she is 2,5 years old, she is 45 cm high and she weighs 15 kg.
All her life she lived in the shelter, in a kennel with 2 other dogs. Recently she was taken to a temporary home to see how she adapts to living inside. First days were not easy but now, a month later, she is a perfect and easy going dog. She loves being inside, sleeping on couches and armchairs, running around the house with toys in her mouth. She is very friendly with other dogs (actually it was the presence of other dogs that facilitated her adaptation into the new environment). She is very nice with all people and she absolutely loves her temporary family - she follows them everywhere and comes obediently when called. She likes walking on the leash and is relatively clean inside the house although the accidents still happen - but she is learning.
She is a dog that never had a home but now that she has "tried" one, it can be said that she is a perfect dog and she will easily live in a house or an apartment. If you give her a home - she will be very grateful to you and you will earn a faithful and playful companion.

She is sterilised, in good health, vaccinated, dewormed, chipped.

You can see some movies with her:


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