How to mistreat and abandon a dog after so many years of companionship

“How to mistreat and abandon a dog after so many years of companionship.”

This could be a headline of some newspaper about stray animals but in fact is about Rene, a small skinny poodle with a huge eye infection.

Three persons were seen near Meco beach in Sesimbra with a bag dumping something in the ground and moving it with fear. Who saw it thought it was very bizarre and after those three persons left, approached to see it better. Well it was a small poodle on the ground covered with a shirt and sand around it. They left her to die there! This is unreal and absurd!
Rene was taken immediately to the vet and put under sedation because she was so stressed and trying to bit everyone. On the next day, basic blood results came all negative and we are just waiting for parasites result tests. Now she is at our shelter, safe! Every time someone try to hold her she screams in panic, this gives us a small idea of what she been thru all these years. After the initial shock, Rene calm down and walks on the leash, received cuddles and gave back cuddles. This is a huge step for her!
This situation was reporte to police.
Movie of Rene when found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agnR0sQcW7E
Movie of Rene at Bianca shelter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BWx9n0-tvs

Gaspar was also found abandoned in the street with a little tumour on his face. He was scared and didn’t wanted to be touch but after a while he gain confidence with us and now he is a nice and gentle little dog.
Belamy had so many ticks on her when found that she was anaemic! She spent a few days in the vet and now is recovering very well. Soon will be just fine to be adopted.

Aki was left possibly tied to a tree or fence near Bianca’s shelter but he managed to broke the chain and spent two weeks loose in the middle of the florest in serious danger to be traped in some tree and died. One man with a fishing instrument managed to catch him. Aki is a shy and scared dog. Does like to be touched but hopefully with time he will be socialized.

And many others were abandoned in August but also many were adopted!!
Bianca needs your support. We are short in Temporary Families especially for cats. We have no space for new cats and this is becoming a real problem. If you found one cat, Bianca can promote a responsable adoption for it and put on website and blogs while you have the cat in our home. This could be your change to help us and help the animal.
We remember you that Louise is good to be adopted. Louise is a sweet and gentle female dog who lost one eye. She still so beautiful and loves cuddles and persons.

If you can adopt, you still can help our animals be fostering. See the list on www.bianca.pt
Our newsletter have a new design, check it out and see featured product on sale on “Making Animals Happy” blog!!
We need materials and gardening products and trees. See the list on www.bianca.pt/english
Thank you for your help!

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