Contest "The most original photo"

The contest "The most original photo" is an initiative that aims to reward the most original photo of your pet.

The event will take place at the Summer Festival of Bianca, on July 14, in Quinta do Conde, on the grounds of Junta de Freguesial.

How to participate: Give us a photograph of your pet on paper (maximum size A4), during our Festival and up to 18h. You can also send us the photo by email to the address sesimbra.bianca @ gmai.com until July 11. The photos that are not noticeable will be not accepted.

On the day of the Festival, at 19.30 the jury will elect the most original photo. At 20h will be announced  the winner ae given the award.

Still be awarded the 2nd and 3rd places.
Each person can participate with 1 picture per animal. More animals you have more chance to win :)

Lets make cute photos!

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