Congratulations for 586 sterilizations in 2012!

Bianca Charity sterilized in 2012, 586 animals, 228 dogs (females and males) and 358 cats (also females and males) .

It is a unique number! Thanks to the vets who support us giving their job for free and the volunteers involved in this project, capturing the animals, taking them to clinics or making their recovery at home.
We did a GREAT JOB!
It is a work virtually unknown to all but extremely important!

Do you know that one single female cat can give birth 420.000 kittens in 7 years ?!!!
And a single female dog and her offspring can produce 64.000 new animals in 6 years??!!

Bianca Charity avoided the undesirable birth of thousands of animals!

We are proud what we do for the animals. We make their world better :)

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