Dove in in Bianca for 6 years, she came a 10 weeks puppy, was super shy and still is.
Dove now was operated at a rupture of ligaments in the knee, which caused her lots of pain....
This sweet and shy "girl" now has a recovery process a bit complicated for her because it is uncomfortable with his paw and the helmet.
but we want give her quality of life, unfortunately she will not have chance to be adopted.
This operation was expensive and Bianca now has high medical and veterinary expenses to pay ...
So, we ask everyone's help to combat this problem. the vet bill is 500 €.
If all join forces and share , we pay her bill at the vet.
Still missing to pay Pastor and Matic...
And now we have another dog very ill, an husky, that was in the council kennel, his name is Blue.
So everyone's help is essential. Thank you!

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