New Ambassador, Lucy Grace

Bianca has a new ambassador, Lucy Grace, actress and associate artist at Write By Numbers Theater Company in London.

"Animals are one of the most important things to me and seeing first hand whilst volunteering the hard work that goes into maintaining Bianca and keeping its dogs happy and healthy is wonderful.
There are so many friendly, lovely dogs at Bianca who would make perfect pets that are looking for new homes after being abandoned or ill treated.
I would urge everybody thinking of getting a dog to choose adopting from a sanctuary rather than buying.
To give a dog who has been abandoned or ill treated, a new family is something very special.
I also admire the education that Bianca provides for school children. They show children what goes into having a pet dog and the consequences of abandoning and ill treating animals.
Volunteering has been fanatastic and getting to know each dogs personality has been very special, I have made lots of friends and will be back soon!"
Lucy Grace

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