Tom, a true survivor

Tom, a true survivor, was yesterday found in the open sea and rescued by the Marine Police of Sesimbra.
Swimming toward the shore coast, would he have fallen out of a boat, it would have been thrown out of any vessel?? . .... it was good to know one day ...
This baby despite having a heart murmur grade 3, resisted this nightmare and was saved.
The Civil Protection gave him the 1ºs aid thanks to an element, Sr Carapinha which is also a firefighter. He had hypothermia and had several seizures but the Aid of Civil Protection and D. Filomena (retired nurse) saved him.
After the municipal kennel which was admitted, it was delivered Bianca, and was immediately taken to the vet, where was provided other aid. He was in shock. It was not for less .......
How did he survive this castaway ?! he want to live! And we'll help you.
He left already the vet and is well on Bianca Rescue Center.
A huge thank you to the Maritime Police, the Civil Protection, Clarisse Nascimento and Filomena.
Let there be good to officials who support the Municipality of Sesimbra and Bianca Charity 

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