A request from the heart

Dear ones

The kitten Melek has a big heart and a tremendous will to live. He was found in a gutter with 1 month and half, skinny, paralyzed from his back legs, with flies, with a bullet on his back but full of will to life. He's s true survivor and such a sweetheart.
Who look into his big eyes will never forget him. We want to give him a life with happiness and love therefore we are 'betting' on him.
The surgery will be to remove his right back leg, the one doesn't move and is compromising his left leg, reducing it movements.
We already ordered the wheelchair, which will give him balance and support so he may learn to walk with 3 legs. This wheelchair will cost 300euros and we received only 100euros for it. Still missing 200euros. The cost of the surgery is yet to be known but will be something around 300euros.
This is one of your appeal today...

The other is for Jamba. This poor girl was living on the streets, was push by almost everyone, got pregnant and took a blow in her head which broke the cranium on the right side and destroyed her eye. This eye need to be removed, because is no good and is always infected...

This are the 2 cases we need your help for.
We know we ask your help so many other times but we can not turn our head away to all this animals. So we need your help to continue to support our charity.
Please consider donate and share with your friends.

In the name of board,
Ana Duarte

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