2017 Bianca's Calendars


It's official, we have 2017 Bianca's Calendars with us! They have arrived!!
This year cover represents "The United Color Paws of Bianca", the idea is that each animal has the right to have a second chance in life to be happy, cherished and loved, no exception.
The 13 sheets calendar is bilingual, Portuguese and English. And each month has a successful story of an animal - dogs and cats, stories that begun with neglected animals but with dedication and love of all people envolved turn out to be a success case in the end.
With this calendar we want to celebrate our dedication our love for the animals. We want to celebrate our effort which make ever neglect animal into a case of success. And we want all of you to celebrate with us.
So this calendars is not a normal calendar but has also a postcard on each month, that you can take off and send to a love one, sharing your love for the animals with your contacts and helping us to reach more people all over the world!

Please keep in mind all proceeds goes to Bianca no exception, so you know you are really helping Bianca to help over 300 animals.
Would you let this calendar skip?
Order today (email: fazendoanimaisfelizes@gmail.com)

Don't forget Christmas is just around the corner...
(Each calendars cost only 7,5 eurobiancas and we ship worldwide)


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