Bianca Shelter needs help to deworm all the dogs and cats.

Bianca Shelter need to deworm (inside and outside) all the dogs and cats, in january.
External deworming (flees/ticks) it is made every month or every 3 month, depending the method used.
Internal deworming (worms) it is done 3 times a year.

During winter because of the rain, the pipets don't work in dogs (they always get wet) so, pills like nextgard, bravecto, etc, are the solution.
We did the math and calculated an average of €15 per animal to be both dewormed.
Bianca has now 320 dogs and 50 cats. That means 4500€ for all dogs and 750€ for all cats.

We invite animal lovers to help us with this task so important for animals health and their welfare. Without support it is not possible do this. 
Please donate.
IBAN PT50003507710001636053029 - BIC CGDIPTPL 
For paypal use this email: biancageral@gmail.com
Thanks <3

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