Bianca Charity desperate appeal

Bianca Charity is having serious difficulties!

Many have been the animals that coming to the shelter and many are in need, of expensive health care.
At the moment we have 350 dogs and 62 cats. From June 1 to June 22 we received 41 new animals!!!

Bianca is not an animal hotel, we does not charge for the stay of the animals we shelter. It is rather a zoophilic association that rescues dogs and cats and gives them a dignified life. We try everything to spare them suffering and give a quality life. Slaughter is not our motto. But this has high financial costs.
At this time we need to pay a series of invoices for medicines and veterinary expenses...
We also have food invoices to pay.
We have several animals in need of URGENT help:

Daduh started to get sick and tests were done, he is positive for leishmaniasis. He needs glucantime - the treatment costs 60 € and the analyzes were 70 €, we need for it 130 €.

Toby is an atopic dog. He suffers from allergies and since being abandoned at Bianca in 2014, takes special medication and and particular cortisone. But it is swollen and eats a lot, because of the cortisone. Now there is a new injectable drug that can reduce suffering and give you a better quality of life. This medicine costs € 150 per month. The new medication it is called Cytopoint.

Finn was abandoned in the Lagoa, Sesimbra. He arrived moribund... We made analyzes and the result was a severe anemia, dehydration, herliquia, babesia and leishmaniose. Poor animal. The analyzes cost 120 €, the glucantime 60 € and the antibiotic + imizol 32 €. We need for this boy € 212.
Killy is a 8 weeks kitten. He was found next to his dead brother. Killy leg must be amputated. He is a sweet baby who did not deserve it.... we need help for him, it is urgent! His surgery is at the minimum of 350€.
Video https://youtu.be/15_UtbrcEHs

Our old dog Simão, has a liver problem, he is ill for 1 week, doing treatment. The amount of the expense is not estimated.

The beautiful kitten Lucky was rescued from the street. She's bitten, maybe by dog, she's a house cat, not a street, very sweet and only 2.5 months old... She's hospitalized. No calculated value yet.

Our Babanco who has in Bianca for years has developed a severe dermatitis... he is with daily care, dressings and medication. No calculated value;

Mamy arrived at Bianca already in labor. Sterilization at this stage was not possible. Days later she gave birth to 11 beautiful and loving dogs that need a lot of starter ration, then start eating for themselves. Mamy also needs to eat this type of feed that helps produce her milk. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvU_zwDRv78

Sweet and little Tomy with only 5 months entered with a neurological dislocation. After exams he was diagnosed: Avulsion of the brachial plexus. He's doing physiotherapy, using massage to try to recover.
If you do not recover you will have to amputate the leg. This surgery will be around 600 €
Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7AKUif_AFs

Katy has dirofilary (heartworm) . This treatment takes 2 months and is expensive. Approximately € 200.

Misty awaits the result of a specific analysis that tells us if he is hemophiliac. Everything indicates that yes... Its condition is really worrisome.
It means that it has difficulty in clotting the blood and small traumnas cause hemorrhages in the joints. As a puppy is and always playing his joints are permanently inflamed and swollen. You have deformed joints ... At this moment you are not suffering, you are being properly medicated while awaiting results. If hemophilia is confirmed, a hypothesis is the injection of antibodies to fight the "bad" gene.
But we hope in early July to have more news, when we receive the result of the analyzes
Watch the video: https://youtu.be/bwba6Hzyzq4

Your support is fundamental to being able to take care of these beings. Without help we can do nothing. Do not be indifferent. The indifference was what led them to this condition.

Thank you











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