6 wonderful puppies, born on December 25, were rescued yesterday, February 22, thanks to the persistence, commitment and enormous effort of 3 wonderful people who never tired of looking for them.

It was a very difficult task, for several reasons: the space is open and vast with no chance of surrounding it; in a toxic landfill; the smell is unbearable and the air is breathable; the location of the animals was the least unlikely; access to animals is almost impossible;
But the desire to save them from certain death, like others, was stronger and we waddled, dragged, climbed, fell, scared, but nothing demoved us! The task took 5 hours. The 6 beautiful babies, very thin, hungry and without ever having seen a human soul, were rescued and the feeling that results for us is HUGE, gratifying 💖These puppies will not suffer anymore💖
Thank you Bia, Cristina, Pedro, Raquel and Sofia We will need support to feed, vacinate and give all care they need
Paypal: biancageral@gmail.com
IBAN: PT50003507710001636053029



Grace is graceful, beautiful, sweet. Left abandoned at our gate. She has leishmaniasis and the ears are a disgrace... she has the muscles of her back legs super atrophied, a sign of having been tied up and without mobility... very suffering but with a gentle look that melts our hearts

She is doing glucantime injections and antibiotics for the wounds on her body, some of which are infected. She hardly can walk
Grace will rise again, we have no doubt. Welcome dear Grace


 She won the name, Maxine!

A turtle cat, a sweetie, that came from Parque Verde, Sesimbra, dehydrated, anaemic, infection in the mouth and positive for IVF.
She has been on serum, antibiotics and other drugs, and the recovery is fantastic💖
She already touches our legs, call us, walk behind us and ask for touch 💖
She will need to gain weight in order to be sterilized.
Your help is welcome, her treatments have costs. Thank you 🙏


 Linda has 20years, 20! No animal should be in a shelter at the end of its life. Linda is a senior cat, lost her human, only wants cuddles, hugs and rest, plenty of rest.

She is healthy, negative to FIV/ FELV, but blind from one eye.
Please consider to adopt Linda and give her a loving home at the end of her life. You can also foster her.


2021 Calendars

 Associação Bianca is proud to present its 2021 calendars.

We have two types of calendars, wall and table, both with photographs of dogs and cats, in 170gr chouché matte paper and silver rings.

This year the photographs were taken by Photographer João Carlos, through his brand StarPaws Photo, which promptly made himself available to be part of this project and the design under the responsibility of Designer Ana Peres.

Each calendar cost of 7 Europaws (+ shipping) and from this moment on, we accept orders via email fazendoanimaisfelizes@gmail.com


Diogo was found on the street. He does not have a chip, but he is very afraid of people, he growls to defend himself, he is unhappy, super scared, confused  

Weighs 3kg, he is dirty, with tracks, and he does not realize what he did wrong to deserve this luck .... We agree with this boy and we have already promised him that nothing bad will happen anymore


Rocky was also operated

It is impossible not love him . Rocky is waiting a family has sweet as he is

 Rocky is simply AMAZING

He was already operated and has now only 1 eye, but his beauty and charm are double. While the vet treats his suture (and even removed some threads) he purrs and offers love

The kitten Camões was already operated

 Our Camões, who is a darling, has also been operated on in his eyes like Rocky

Everything went well and is recovering well! It only lacks someone to want it.

Will it appear who wants a cat with only one eye and without 100% vision?  Let's hope for that


Support for the security of our animals !

 It is not only food and medical care that an animal charity need.

There are lots of things needed in the shelter for the welfare animal and security!

For 4 days we didnt have electricity. Mouses gnawed at wires and there was a short circuit that destroyed part of the electrical installation in the shelter.....

It was necessary to hire an electrician to repair the entire area.

You can see from the photos the state it was in ...

Fortunately nothing serious has happened

We now need to pay this expense. Your support is very precious. Without it, we will not be able to honor this commitment,  €639

IBAN: PT50003507710001636053029

Paypal : biancageral@gmail.com