Jade was left on the road to die!!! She doesn't even have the strength to stand up..nor to eat...She has severe anemia and weight 16kg when should be 30kg. Her blood went for analysis. Jade is apparently 3 to 4 years old. She doesn't have a chip. She may be missing and now have been abandoned. Jade was found today, in margin road, between Carrasqueira and Apostiça, Sesimbra, Portugal. Her condition is very reserved

Let's hope she survives. This is a CRIME! In a few years we will all be "judged" for the suffering caused to these beings..... If you want to help Jade you can sponsor fostering
Or donate: Paypal: biancageral@gmail.com
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February 23, we went down to hell again to rescue the last puppy from the litter at the Zambujal landfill.
This dog had stayed with the mother because on Monday we had not been able to capture it and we had to leave before nightfall. Yesterday we arrived even earlier, at 11:30 am and only left at 5:30 pm, but decided that we wouldn't leave without the boy / girl.
We put a trap with roast chicken to captivate him, but his mama taught him not go in.
And so it was, it took longer to rescue this one than the other 6 brothers .... It was an authentic work of Indiana Jones, with surveillance on the top of the escarpment to identify a white point in motion, with descents and ascents along the rock, with clearing canes, tripping over rocks and all the garbage youcan't imagine 😰but when we had him in our arms it was a total joy, because the fact that we rescued the six brothers in the 2nd, we still had a sad soul.
Indi is the name of this puppy that was in the comfort of our arms, tired and grateful. The brothers received Indi with a lot of licks and snuggled around him. Gorgeous, gorgeous 💖💖💖

Videos deste resgate:



6 wonderful puppies, born on December 25, were rescued yesterday, February 22, thanks to the persistence, commitment and enormous effort of 3 wonderful people who never tired of looking for them.

It was a very difficult task, for several reasons: the space is open and vast with no chance of surrounding it; in a toxic landfill; the smell is unbearable and the air is breathable; the location of the animals was the least unlikely; access to animals is almost impossible;
But the desire to save them from certain death, like others, was stronger and we waddled, dragged, climbed, fell, scared, but nothing demoved us! The task took 5 hours. The 6 beautiful babies, very thin, hungry and without ever having seen a human soul, were rescued and the feeling that results for us is HUGE, gratifying 💖These puppies will not suffer anymore💖
Thank you Bia, Cristina, Pedro, Raquel and Sofia We will need support to feed, vacinate and give all care they need
Paypal: biancageral@gmail.com
IBAN: PT50003507710001636053029



Grace is graceful, beautiful, sweet. Left abandoned at our gate. She has leishmaniasis and the ears are a disgrace... she has the muscles of her back legs super atrophied, a sign of having been tied up and without mobility... very suffering but with a gentle look that melts our hearts

She is doing glucantime injections and antibiotics for the wounds on her body, some of which are infected. She hardly can walk
Grace will rise again, we have no doubt. Welcome dear Grace


 She won the name, Maxine!

A turtle cat, a sweetie, that came from Parque Verde, Sesimbra, dehydrated, anaemic, infection in the mouth and positive for IVF.
She has been on serum, antibiotics and other drugs, and the recovery is fantastic💖
She already touches our legs, call us, walk behind us and ask for touch 💖
She will need to gain weight in order to be sterilized.
Your help is welcome, her treatments have costs. Thank you 🙏