New Adoption Fair, Saturday 26 July

Bianca has over 40 puppies for adoption! Within 7 days we have had 6 adults and 12 puppies entering the shelter!
We will do an Adoption Fair in the usual place - passing the round-about at N378, next to Pingo Doce (where Plus used to be before) and opposite the SuperSol supermarket.
We'll be there this Saturday, July 26, between 10.30 and 18.00.

If you wnat a pet - please come and adopt one.

All our animals for adoption will have a chip.

We need food for puppies and food for stomach problems (some of our new animals have diarrea). We also need medications: Amoxicilina + Ácido Clavulânico, Fortekor, Lasix, Glucantime, Legalon, Denosyl, Strongid puppies and Zypiran plus, Drontal plus or Milbemax.

We also need covers and blankets.

Please pass the information.

Thank you
Ana Duarte

Sesimbra 23 July 2008

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