Samanta, Samoyedo found with 5 babies ADOPTED

This is incredible, how one can kick out an animal with the babies, out of the house and leave it in the middle of nowhere!!! Samanta was obviously abandoned yesterday night (22/7). This morning she was found in the middle of the pine forest in Lagoa de Albufeira, near Sesimbra.

She is a Samoyedo, with 5 babies, all as thin as the mother, around 4 weeks. She is lovely, so sweet! The babies are males, 3 white and 2 black. She will need a home as soon as we have her sterilised. The babies will be also available for adoption within 2-3 weeks.

This female was accompanied by another samoyedo which we thought to be Samanta’s partner, we could not see correctly through all its fur. Finally we know it is another female. We named her Zaza.

Puppies, Samanta and Zaza are looking for a new home. First we will have both females sterilised.

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D.Ferreira disse...

gostava de ficar com um dos cachorros da samoiedo...

Association Bianca disse...

Amanha (sabado) vamos ter uma feira de adopcao em Carrasqueira-Sesimbra.
Olha: www.bianca.pt

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