Dalmy DIED.....

Remember the Dalmatian that we found shot three weeks ago? He is not doing well. He is able to walk now, he regained consciousness in his back paws but he is not doing well. He lost weight. He needs to take anti-inflamatory drugs, without them he immediatelt worsens. Our vet just does not know what to do any more. We were told to tell him back to the shelter, continue with inflamatories and observe. We don't even have conditions in the shelter to isolate him....

We found a vet in Lisbon who specialises in orthopedy. He invited us to bring Dalmy to his clinic for a while and he will see what he can do. We'll taking him tomorrow. Poor boy, he has suffered so much. We hope that this vet we'll be able to help him.

At the same time, it is another expense for an organisation with limited financial resources. If anyone would like to help us towards Dalmy's costs or if anyone would like to "foster" him, please let us know.

Bianca's acount is the following:

Bank Account 0771016360530

NIB 0035 0771 00016360530 29

For international transfers: IBAN PT50003507710001636053029


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