Pirucas is not doing well either

You remember I was writing about Pirucas.


The young podengo that was living on the streets and was bitten by a pitbull and kicked by a frustrated construction worker who broke his leg. He was brought here to the kennel. The biting wounds healed but there is a problem with the leg. The cast was put too late, the wound was not fresh, the bone dislocated itself and now, that we had the cast taken off, we see he is limping. He does not mind, he jumps around happily as usual but we don't want him like this....

We found a vet in Lisbon (45 min. drive from our place) who specialises in orthopedy. He will operate on Thursday. He is he cannot promise as the thing is alreday two months old but he wants to try. If the operation is not a sucess, Pirucas will be always limping.....

We are looking for someone to foster him and help us with the costs, pls do. The account of Bianca is:

Bank Account 0771016360530
NIB 0035 0771 00016360530 29
For international transfers: IBAN PT50003507710001636053029

but the most important, after the operation - would someone like to adopt him? Regardless if he is limping or not? He has suffered enough, he needs a good home! Please write to us:

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