Kittens with limited vision

Bianca has two kittens, one multicolored kitten aged 1.5 month and another European common grey cat aged 2 months, both with only one eye. One misses the right one and the other misses the left one. They make a pair ;)

They are sweet, happy, playful. They like human contact.

We don't have a cattery where we could put them. For that reason we need your help, it is urgent to find home for those kittens! Don't be indifferent, please.

One more, Jeremias was found at Largo de Camões in Sesimbra. At the beginning he was half-savage, noone managed to catch him. Until Friday afternoon, when Andreia did. Great. Now the kitten welcomes human touch. He will leave the vet on Monday so we have this weekend to deal with his possible adoption. We count on you.....

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