Delio: a miraculous improvement

Delio arrived to the shelter as a 2 month old puppy in May 2008 and was soon adopted.
Nearly 8 months later, in January 2009 we found out his ex owner left him at the municipal kennel to be euthanized... Fortunately, the owner was not able to present the chip registration papers, so the municipal kennel read the information on the chip and as the chip was registered on Bianca Association, they called us. They could not euthanize him without our authorization so the next morning we were there to take him back to the shelter.
Delio arrived to the shelter in a very bad state. His organism had been debilitated mostly due to the fact that his ex-owner was giving him tranquilisers every day - he did not want a lively puppy, so he kept Delio in a constant coma. As a result the dog became sick and his organism was too weak to defend itself. Among others he caught mange, a skin parasite that was very advanced when he arrived to the shelter. We have been treating him for many months but the progress was slow. Recently he received a new immune vaccine to boost his defences and he immediately improved. Now his skin is much better and he is also more used to people, he is slowly gaining confidence, comes to ask for petting, gives kisses.
We think the worst has passed and he is ready to go to a new home, to a gentle and patient person that would understand that this dog has never had any "puppyhood", was badly treated by his owner but is willing to trust again.

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