Blynd recovering after an operation

Blynd has been operated and her two eyes were removed because their condition was getting worst.
Now it is very important to find her a new home, a definitive one or a temporary one. She is very sweet with people and an extremely gentle dog but she is blind... Imagine a blind dog in the middle of our shelter, she is simply lost, just imagine how a blind dog in the middle 250 other dogs, all running and barking, must feel - lonely and lost. She needs peace and calm and there i is almost impossible.
It would also be very important for Blynd to start walking on the leash, like this she would learn and it would be a important learning experience for her life in a future permanent or a temporary family - if you want to help, come and walk her.

Give her a chance for new life. Blynd is very small, very gentle, she is no trouble and she only asks for cuddles.

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