As every month, dogs need fostering

Every month we need YOUR help. Every month we have veterinary bills to pay. This is what our dogs need first of all, the veterinary attention. Only after we have satisfied their basic needs we can allow ourselves to proceed with additional initivates that aim to improve their physical conditions in the shelter.
We need your help to pay the vet bills. You can make a donation for the attention of a particular dog, a one off donation or  you can foster any dog on regular basis by making a small monthly donation.
Let's see our needs this month:

1. Cancun was found on the street hit by car. He has a broken toe. The recovery is long, finally the cast is off but he still limps and he needs regular consultations at the vet to monitor his progress.
He is such a gentle dogs and he loves people.

2. Karma was found at a petrol station with her eyes so foggy that it was doubtful she could see anything. She has been going through a treatment, 2 types of eye drops and one kind of eye balm that needs to be applied three times a day. Also regular consultations at the vet - the progress has been slow. She can see something now but we yet don't know if she will be able to recover her sight completely.

3. Klaudio was abandoned at the gate of the shelter with a note that he has an ear infection. How nice of his owners, why treat and spend money if you can just dump the dog on people who will be too sorry for him not to treat. His ears were infected indeed, it has not been treated for such a long time that it has become chronical. He has been taking ear drops and antibiotics but the improvement is very slow so he will need to have his ears operated soon.

4. Wolfie has been with us for over a year. He was found abandoned at Cabo Espichel. Recently he has been limping for long time. Finally the vet diagnosed an inflammation in his knee. After a treatment by anti-inflammatory druga there was no improvement. On the contrary. Finally, this week he had his knee operated. He will face a rehabilitation process but the final result will be good.

5. Biscuit is a poodle who, when found, was crying of pain... He was diagnosed with cristal in the bladder, he could not even pee, so painful it was. He has just been operated and he is recovering.

6. Belle is a 12-year old pincher that was used as a reproduction machine all her life. Every heat, a new litter. Now that she was not serving anymore she was abandoned in a close box at the gate of the shelter one night. She had to be operated too - she had many mammary tumours.

7. Canelo is a gentle dog that has been with us for 3 years. He has developped an anal hernia and he could not even poo.... He was operated too and is slowly recovering. He never complains about anything....

This is not all but these are major cases this months. Apart from this we have lots of minor treatments that add up to the bill. Three dogs have ear infection and need Conofite to clean the ears: Zimbra, Brava and Dique. One dogs will have to undergo the leshmaniose treatment, a month of Glucantime injections: Bart. Three dogs are under the treatment for tick fever, they take Actodix pills: Bonita, Darcy and Afonso. It all ads up.

Your donation for the medical/ veterinary costs, however small, will help us. We solely exist on donations. Without YOUR help we cannot do the work we do.

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