Kids in the shelter (St Dominic's school)

Last Saturday, 5/02 we hosted over 20 teenagers from St Dominic's school in Carcavelos and some of their parents. The event ocurred on the initiatie of their teacher, Catherine (thank you!). The kids had a guided visit of the shelter and walked the dogs. The dogs were very happy because they got longer walks than usual and lots of cuddling and play, the weather was great and the kids liked their day too! We hope to host more of them in the future but here also we leave the invitation - you are welcome to come back whenever you want!

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Unknown disse...

I see "our" old Mascote!!! I think you'll all miss him when he'll leave the shelter!
But I am sure we'll hug him a lot and a lot and a lot!Did he liked the teenagers for that walk? He will get here also two teenagers. Please give that beauty already a big hug of us!
With love,