Havana was found on the side of the road, dehydrated and with broken leg by someone who took her to the vet. This person had her operated, took her home and .... let her ran away. Two days later this person found her again on the road (with the broken leg in the cast) and took her to the vet again and then back home. A few days later he let her run away again. Again she was walking on the street limping with her broken leg in the cast. We think that the person who "rescued" her did not really want her because he did not take minimum care to keep her inside. In her condition she should not even be walking! Moreover, the person did not yet paid the vet's bill.
The vet asked Bianca for help, to take the dog. We don't have to pay the unpaid billl. But we will have to pay the next one. Because she will need another operation to remove the metal plate that is now in her leg. Moreover, she has leishmaniasis and problems with her liver. Poor dog... We will do the best we can to have her cured and find her a home. But now she is just so sad.... Simply sad. She must be missing her home, her owners that abandoned her.

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