Afonso, a shy Portuguese water dog

Afonso is a beautiful and gentle dog but shy. He was abandoned and lived for quite a long time on the street running away from people and only sneaking back to get some food. At some point we managed to catch him and cut his fur that was terrible.
Since then he ahs been in a kennel in Bianca shelter and he still needs to learn to trust people but we are working on him. He already accepts cuddling and is losing his fear. He likes walking outside of the shelter on the leash and he was very good on the leash from the first day he was taken on a walk which proves that he must have had a home once.
He is looking for a very special, patient and understanding family. He can be adopted although he will need an adaptation period in a new home so the family should be very patient. There is no doubt that with time he will become a lovely dog, extremely grateful to people that gave him a new life.
Movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTubfk5mBWo

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