Adoption fair and others

Friends, last Saturday we organized an “adoption fair” in a place near Sesimbra. The weather was not very good so finally not many people came but at least we managed to find home for three puppies. The day was not wasted!

Unfortunately this never finishes: the same day one woman who had found a female dog and her baby daughter came to us: she decided to keep the mum and leave the puppy with us. We had her vaccinated the same day. The same day someone else called that they had found 5 puppies in the middle of nowhere, babies of a half-wide dog that runs around in a pack. We placed them in a temporary family and we will have them vaccinated soon. Let’s hope we’ll find homes for them too…… (you can see them on the picture).

We are happy about the three adoptions that we had but the trade-off is not good: three left and six entered!

And a few days before someone left a 1-year old doggy at our door, Pantufas - you can see his picture above. He is not big, around 15 kilos, very furry and very obedient. He walks on a leash, sits on an order, knows how to go by car.

We also got a baby eagle…. One woman found him under a tree and brought him to us. No, the eagle will not stay with us ;) We passed him to the vet who passed him to the specialized services which deal with wild animals.

We decided to organize another fair next Saturday. If we manage to have a few more dogs or cats adopted, it is worth it.
No animal leaves our Association without a chip. We give away the animals only through an “adoption contract” and with a chip, like this we try to ensure that they would not be abandoned one day (things like this happen unfortunately). In the worst case scenario, they will be given back to us as the chip is registered in our name. We also insist that female dogs be sterilized before the first period and we cover the costs of the sterilization. The problem in Portugal is that people abandon female dogs and then they have lots of puppies on the streets.

Our work is a drop in the sea but every drop is important.

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