Maria Papoila - a female dog we saved yesterday (adopted!!)

Maria Papoila is name-cross between a person and a flower and this name pictures this lovely female dog very well.

She was found yesterday laying on the side of the road, without any force to walk, very thin and covered with ticks. She had a high fever. We took her with us and drove her to the vet to do the blood tests. She has anemia, ehrlichia canis (special type of bacteria which infect the white blood cells as one of the components of tick fever) and leishmaniasis. She is already being treated for anemia and tick fever, later on we'll deal with leishmaniasis.

She has a will to live! And we are going to fight for her. She was starving and dehydrated, now she started to eat well and the forces seem to be coming back. She started to walk again, now she follows us everywhere and waives her tail with lots of energy. She came to the right place. We will fight for her life. We will spoil her and make her very happy.

Whoever wants to help us, please make a donation to our Association.

(Adopted two years later)

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