A Fostering Campaign

We have many dogs in the shelter. If you see the list on our page, it is nearly 200. Some of them may stay with us forever. Some of our dogs are not for adoption - either because of their state of health or the fact that they are afraid of people, it is better that they stay with us. They feel safe in the kennel, they trust the few people that work there and they get medical treatment. That's why the best option for them would be to be fostered - to have a "god-parent" that would send some money for their medical treatment and maybe some toys from time to time or some other presents.

On the other hand, some other dogs would gladly go to homes but it is difficult to find a family for an adult dog. Everyone wants to adopt puppies. So they stay with us for long time. For them also fostering would be the next best thing.

Not everyone wants to or can take a dog home. But many good-willed people can help in another way. Fostering a dog is one of them and a very good one. A dog stays with us in the kennel and the "god-parent" helps a bit with his expenses.

We started a fostering campaing: in Portugal and in other countries: because you don't need to bge in the same country to foster a dog! As an example, pls see an ad we have on an animal page in Norway about fostering Nino:

and his picture.
Nino is an adult dog whom we have found around half a year ago in bad health state: skin problems and urinary infection. He has been treated since and he is doing much better. He is around 3 years old and big but so gently, so playful, so hungry for human contact.

We have a partner organisation in Norway that is working with and organising all arrangements on the Norwegian side, Foreningen for omplassering av hunder (FFOH). It can be contacted on: bianca-dogs@hotmail.com

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