Dalmy - found shot

Yesterday, we found Dalmy on the side of the road. He could not walk. It is Dalmatian, a young male adult. He was laying on the side of the road near Lagoa de Albufeira, obviously very thirsty with his tongue out and from time to time trying to move dragging his back legs behind him. His back legs seemed paralysed.

He has a little hole on his back, already infected. We think he has been shot although the vet could not find a bullet. He could have been used for hunting, then shot by mistake and then the owner abandoned him. Moreover, this area where we found him, seems to be known for abandoning animals.

Seems that nothing is broken. The vet is optimistic, he thinks we can save him. For a moment he is staying in the vet clinic. I will write more when I have any news.

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