Unexplainable, unacceptable and utterly cruel

Mateus was abandoned at early morning near the Bianca shelter, Wednesday the 20th of August. When we found him we noticed that his penis was strangely out. We took him to the vet. To our dismay, it was not just a penis out. Some beast had made a whole in his skin where the testicles are and made the penis go through there. Then someone had actually SOWN the place where the penis should go normally.!!!!!

Were they playing with a poor indefensive animal or was it someone completely crazy - it was obviously someone who should not be in the world of living! A person who would do it to a defenceless animal, would do it to a defenseless human, no doubt.

Unexplainable, unacceptable and utterly cruel

Poor Mateus also has leshmaniosis.

We need financial help to meet the veterinary expenses.

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