Monty, Pirucas and Mateus

Monty's operation has been a success - you can see him now without the stitches, his eyes are clear; he does not cry anymore. He is still afraid of strangers though. Only people working in the shelter that are there every day can touch him.

Mateus is already walking without the collar, put on weight a little bit and has started a leishmaniasis treatment. (By the way, Maria Papoila has started it to). He is friendly with everyone.

Pirucas is already without the cast and he is walking again although he grown so unaccustomed of using the front leg that he keeps it in the air anyway. We hope he will not be limping. Time will show. Now it is rehabilitation. He is still wearing the collar because the skin on the leg was inflamated and the balm is put there every day. The collar is so he would not lick it.

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