Urgent support needed to get Glucantime and Miltefuran!!!






Mateus, Maria Papoila and Fausto are now taking Glucantime (injections). For 3 animals this makes 4 flasks per day. In total we need 112 flasks until the end of the treatment. The treatment is not cheap and cannot be interrupted.

This is why we are making here an appeal for donations of Glucantime or financial support.

Moreover, Maria, a half-wild female dog that is with us, also has leshmaniose. We also need to start treating her but she does not let herself be caught so the injections are not possible. The solution is to use a new medication, Miltefuran, that can ne mixed with food. But it is expensive - a bottle costs 100 euros!!
This is urgent. Please help us.

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Anónimo disse...

If you are short of funds alopurinol might be an option?

Association Bianca disse...

Dear Hannah, I am unfamiliar with alopurinol. Is it also for leishmaniasis treatment? I will have to ask the vet...
In the meantime we have received donations and for the moment the situation is controlled.
(from Bianca)

Anónimo disse...

Thats good news!

Yes, alopurinol is a treatment for L, but in the form of pills.