Hello friends of Bianca

we are planning to print calendars for 2009. The idea is that on the page corresponding to a month there should be one or two pictures of dogs or cats. This is why we turn ourselves to people that adopted animals from our shelter or who are fostering our animals or who are friends of our shelter if they would like to sponsor the production of such calendar and thus include the photo of the animal of their choice in one month.
Then, we will offer the calendar to such person and other calendars will be sold which will allow us to gather some money for winter. To cover the usual costs: warm blankets for dogs, food, vets, vaccinations. At the same time it is a promotion for our shelter and we hope it will help some animals be adopted or some fostered.
The costs are: a whole page (and then you put there one or more animals) - 20 euros per person or a half page (you choose one animal and you share the page with another animal sponsored by soemone else) - 15 euros per person. There will be a short description of an animal and a name of the person sponsoring the page.
If you would like to participate, please let us know. We got down to it quite late so we have little time. Let us know as soon as possible. Sent an email to: lojinha@bianca.pt

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