Leninha - Serra de Estrela ADOPTED

Leninha was found like Chocolate was found, the only difference was that Chocolate was found during the day and Leninha at night.On the same road, the same suffering, the same cross... Leninha did not even have force to walk. She could not manage to lift her legs in order to enter the car. We thought she had a hip dislocation, but no, she was just very very tired of walking. She slept the whole night and the next day too....

We found a big mammary tumor on her. The day after she was taken to the vet to have the tumor removed and be sterilised. She also had a "blue mark" on her mouth, she might have had an encounter with a car.

Someone was actually looking for a Serra de Estrela in the area, a female apparently lost for over a week and this person thought Leninha was hers - contacted us quickly in order to underline that the dog should not be sterilised!!!! And her health, no interest? Seems no, one can make business of selling puppies, this is most important.

Well now... Leninha is fine and happy. She is lovely and very, very gentle. She weighs around 50 kgs and she is a golden fur Serra de Estrela. She is with us, in the shelter but she is looking for a permanent home. A home where someone would give her everything she has never had or that she has already forgotten....
We need help to pay the costs of the operation of Leninha: 170€. You can help us by becoming a member of our Association:

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