Rough Collie abandoned ADOPTED

Margarida is a pure rough collie. She was found on a side of the road, National Route 378, laying flat without moving. We took her to the shelter, we let her rest - she must have been very tired of walking long - and we took her to the vet to check her health. To our surprise we have found that she is already sterilised, but incontinent: she pees often.

She is about 8 years old and she needs medicines for her heart. It is normal at that age. Unfortunaly the ex-owners didn't want her anymore and abandoned her on the road ...... that happens much too often, people throw away their animal friends....
Margarida - this is how we have called her - is very beautiful, sweet, friendly and calm. She needs a warm home. A shelter with almost 250 dogs is not a place for an animal that only wants peace. Please, help Margarida!

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