Mum and 8 puppies ALL ADOPTED

A medium size female dog, cross with husky but smaller and shorter hair had a home one day but her owners sold the house and moved away and left her on the street in front of the house. TYPICAL.

She stayed living there, on the street in front of her ex-house, never understanding what happened, always waiting for her owners to come back. Neighbours did not care very much either: some gave her food but none gave her a new home. She entered into heat, noone cared. She became pregnant, noone cared. She gave birth to 8 puppies and at the end, four weeks later, someone called Bianca.
We rescued them and placed in a temporary home: they are too small to go to the shelter. They cannot be vaccinated yet. But in a few weeks they will be available for adoption and their mum too. We called her Pipoca. She is very sweet.

Please see and if you were thinking about adopting a puppy or would you like to give home to Pipoca, contact us.

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Anónimo disse...

Great work! I hope you get them adopted.