Tucha an old poodle ADOPTED

 Tucha was abandoned at the door of the veterinary clinic. She limps on one leg, she has mammary cysts, she does not hear very well and she is a bit old. Concluding, she has fulfilled all the requirements to be "gotten rid of".
She is now taking an anti-inflammatory medication because it seems that she might have been hit by car or beaten by someone and this is why she is limping but on the other hand it should pass soon. There is also a solution for small cysts, they can be operated. Being deaf can be an advantage and being old too: she only wants food and rest and she sleeps for most part of the day.
Tucha needs a calm and relaxing life.

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Frida disse...

Ooo,i love Tucha..
But i'm not living in Portugal and don't think she can travel far in her condition..
I hope she will be adopted by very sweet people very soon!
Much kisses for Tucha!!
[She looks a bit like my doggie Mimo,same little legs and curly hair..sweet little face]

Frida disse...

I can not get Tucha out of my mind,has she find a home yet?

Association Bianca disse...

Hi Frida. Tucha is in temporary family but it is temporary. They already have 3 dogs. Her pains in walking still have not passed so they were going to take her to another vet with whom they talked by telephone and who suggested that the reason might not be a crash with a car or something (because it should have passed by now as she had nothing broken) but ... maybe a tumor on the spine. It would be really bad. They will take her to this vet to take scans and pictures some time this week so I should have some news on Saturday.
Where are you from by the way? Some of our dogs found homes in Holland through a Dutch association. Although you are right, now she is not able to travel.