UPDATE: January

Between January the 1st and the 15th Bianca picked up 32 animals.
Some of them puppies of no more than 8 weeks that were abandoned on the beach to die of exposure.
Four beautiful cross Great Dane puppies were thrown into the kennel over the fence in the middle of the night, sheer survival instinct led them to huddle close to each other to preserve heat and maybe God’s hand protected them until the morning so they wouldn’t be harmed by the other dogs. (Introducing new animals to an overpopulated kennel is usually a complicated process, until most of the dogs learn to accept the newcomers –the instinctive tendency is to repel the outsiders). They were lucky to be so beautiful that in a few days the four of them were adopted. Other puppies, also beautiful but not so “pure breed” looking, are still waiting for a home.
Bianca also got in charge of a mummy with 8 newborn puppies, who were heartlessly left on the street when their “owners” sold the house and moved away.
The rest of our new friends are mostly old dogs plagued with health problems (and that is the reason why they were abandoned –too expensive to give them medical treatment-), like tumors, hernias. For example, Lady, a perdigueira portuguesa, a hunting breed, was brought to Bianca by her “owner”, a “hunter” whose way of thanking her for 12 years of faithful service and several litters of future hunting doggies was to dump her on us with a hernia that put most of her intestines hanging from a skin sack under her belly the size of a soccer ball! Because he “couldn’t have her anymore”, “no family or friends would want her…” later on we learned that his son kept another of the “hunter”s dogs, a young healthy Sierra de Estrela. Poor Lady wasn’t pretty enough anymore to be kept in the family!
The vet that operated her, a veteran university professor, said he’s never seen a hernia of that size, that Lady’s case would make it to medical text books…not that Lady could care less about that but this hernia took years to grow without the owner doing anything…And of course Bianca’s debts with all the vets in the area of Sesimbra continues to grow uncontrollably.
A cat was found by one collaborator of Bianca lying on the street, unable to move, with two broken legs, both exposed fractures. The vet did miracles by saving both of her legs although on one she will be limping a bit.
You can see other urgent cases we are struggling with here:
There is a Free Leishmaniosis- testing campaign, and Bianca is trying to get as many as our friends tested as possible.
Bianca’s calendars sales are very good, it is quite success both in Portugal and abroad.
We are planning to expand to other articles for this year (Agendas, dog T-shirts, pins, key-rings, fridge magnets, etc).
30 dog houses were donated to us by Dutch people, some volunteers have spent all Saturday building them. It is hard work, considering there is no electricity in the kennel, so all assembling is done by hand with non electric tools.
We got a dog training school as a sponsor. The owner is a very sensible person that has offered his time to give free lessons to people that have adopted an adult dog from Bianca. He’s also running dogotherapy programs oriented to disabled children and elderly people. It is foreseeable that our “disadvantaged “ doggies will one day help bring emotional relief to people that are going through difficult times, too.
This is our January update.

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