We need FOSTERING to help neuter our dogs

Bianca has at the moment 16 female dogs to sterilise. One of them, Josefina, is urgent as she is pregnant - the sterilisation is already booked for 5/02.
We need "Fostering Parents" who would finance the sterilisation of a chose dog. Each sterilisation costs 50 or 60 euros. The Fostering Person will receive a Thank-You Certificate with the picture of the fostered dog and the Bianca Calendar 2009.

Following dogs need to be sterilised:

1. Clara (she is about to have her heat) - by Ana and Fernanda
2. Tucha
3. Bolota - by Claudia
4. Josefina - by Alice
5. Paloma - by Ana and Fernanda
6. Dalila
7. Aina - by Rianne
8. Tita - by Ana and Fernanda
9. Alzira
10.Violeta - by Claudia
11. Anocas
12. Lady
13. Luana
14. Maga - by Filipa
15. Maggie - by Filomena
16. Joaninha

When they have recovered, Alzira, Pipoca, Bolacha and cat Pipoca will follow.

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