Franjinhas ADOPTED

Franjinhas was found in Carrasqueira - Sesimbra. His state was simply pitiful....
The hair on his leg was so dense and tangled that it seemed like a plaster.
Three volunteers were needed to cut his hair and it took 4 hours!!! He had so many sticks, thorns and rubbish in it that his skin underneath was wounded and some wounds were getting already infected. He was very patient through the whole process, he just let the voluteers do what they had to - he seemed genuinely grateful!
His teeths in front are broken but they are very white do we think he must be a young adult, less than 4 years old. He might have some cross of cocker spaniel in him or maybe a water dog.... Not sure. What is sure is that he is very gentle and affectionate with people.

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