Summer project involving children in the shelter

The education and sensibilization of young people regards animals and enviroment is a crucial question for the society. One of the objectives of our Association is to teach the young ones respect for animals and nature. This summer, with the cooperation of the Câmara Municipal (the municipality) we held a community project called “Young Holidays”. The project involved visits of children and teenagers (aged from 8 to 12) in the shelter, every day for a few hours, different groups of children over a period of 3 weeks. In total we hosted 250 children in our shelter. They had the pleasure and the opportunity to be in contact with lovely dogs, take care of them, walk them, brush them, play with them. The children were happy and the dogs were too.
Some children acquired a different view of animals, different from the one they used to have. Now they see animals as loyal friends and members of the family.

Those future generations will treat the animals with love and respect.

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